Booms are designed with high section extended.

Column & Boom


Model - CBM :-

Base :-

The base frame is of robust heavy construction to give maximum rigidity. The base design permits the free-standing operation of the machine even when the boom is fully elevated and extended. The base can be fixed stationary or motorised trolley mounted with fixed speed or variable speed to travel on track.


Consisting of an extremely rigid box section and provided with machined slide- ways for the saddle elevation.

The Column is supported on swivel bearing permitting the column to swivel through 360° smooth rotation.

Column locking clamps are provided to secure it when the welding head is positioned for welding.


Booms are designed with high section extended. The boom runs on the guide-rollers horizontally mounted on saddle plate. The guide rollers are fitted with eccentric pins for perfect alignment and adjustment of the boom. Saddle elevation with the boom is achieved through A.C. motor & heavy reduction gearboxes and heavy duplex/triplex chain Counter weight is provided inside the column to counter balance the weight of boom, saddle plate and welding head. of modulus to minimize sagging of boom when fully sprockets. Electromagnetic thruster brake is provided with the motor.

Column & Boom Manipulators are designed to work independently or in conjunction with rotating and/or positioning equipment to locate an Automatic Welding Head in the correct position over the work-piece to achieve the necessary down hand weld.



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