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M Ismail (1944-2003)

A prominent personality of the welding fraternity whom all of us held in high esteem and we now miss!

His contributions made MEMCO what is today. He set up the company in the year 1977. Over a period of time he could establish this outfit as the largest manufacture of the widest range of welding power sources, systems and accessories in the country. 

His variegated experience got enriched with exposure to construction site engineering experts and major fabrication centers here and abroad. This background helped Ismail to build a formidable beachhead to take on the Indian market. Thus MEMCO became first in introducing robust and energy efficient equipment and automation products. 

He lived by the spirit of innovation. In fact improvements in many of the standard equipment development of new one sand processes for novel applications were all the results of his drive to look into new possibilities. He knew innovation was not always without risks, but believed that it was more risky not to innovate at all. Briefly innovation was his forte and his best investment. 

When it was question of quality he and his people were in their element. He believed pledges had to be made at the top and that they needed to percolate down the line. Ismail created a culture where quality was in-built and not just a process of passing of rejecting at the end of the production line. Small wonder then quality continues to be a way of life at MEMCO. The company has been ISO 9000:2000 for quality standards. 

Customer relations were another area where he gave a lot of emphasis. He would run that extra mile to maximize customer satisfaction. To cite a typical situation where a large number of welding machines were submerged in floods at a site he got them restored to working conditions even though the customer was willing to buy a newest of machines from him. In another case, he gave a foolproof solution for an erection job at a nuclear power plant faced with a crisis situation, even though it was outside the purview of welding technology. 

Ismail never took competition seriously as he could always craft machines at lower cost without compromising on performance standards. He took vendors as partners and employees as his family members. He never believed in hierarchy, instead operated on a networking basis. As President of the Bombay Chapter of Indian Institute of Welding, he played a vital role in bringing about cohesion and advancement of welding technology. His compassion for the deserving disabled and retirees were well known in business circles. 

Assuming the mantle his son H. Rehman believes in perpetuating the work culture and operating philosophy Ismail had consolidated over the years and foresees a bright future for MEMCO on a global level before long. 

Ismail’s contribution to the welding industry is too large to be confined to an introductory message of a brochure because it surpasses all our attempts to assess the true significance of his lifelong work. 

M Ismail's contributions made MEMCO what is today. He set up the company in the year 1977.

  • M Ismail (1944-2003)